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"I spent a really worthwhile time with Su which was both enjoyable and challenging. Su had devised a set of activities to improve my current poems, improve my use of language and understanding of poetry, and enable me to create a lot of good ideas for new poems (enough to keep me busy for months!!). As a relativity new poet, Su was sensitive to the level of support I needed and knew when to push me more, or when I needed a hand. The sessions with Su have definitely accelerated my abilities in a short space of time! I would highly recommend her as a teacher, and I hope I can spend more time with her in the future."

AS - Edinburgh

"...I left feeling restored, energised, and overjoyed. Sujatha has years of knowledge and experience in holistic medicine but it is her creative talents that make the magic… the combination of beautiful guided meditations and graceful movement sequences, intertwined with poetry and creative writing is something very special. By integrating this all within 1:1 coaching, she now helps people to instil these powerful practices in their daily habits. I cannot recommend her enough. Her work is truly ground-breaking!"

HT - London

"Su is offering something unique here, combining movement, mindfulness and creative writing. She is so skilled at getting you to relax and rid yourself of what you carry with you from the day that she makes writing easy and fun. Writing can be too sedentary, so movement combined with it makes perfect sense. I felt thoroughly looked after during her coaching session and came away buzzing with ideas. I recommend it to all creative folk, in any field, no matter how new to their work or experienced. It was an extraordinary session, so different and refreshing."


AL- Leamington Spa

"Su’s coaching enabled me to focus and become relaxed and aware. The resulting clarity of thought really freed my imagination providing a fertile mind-space to explore ideas and take creative risks. I'm so excited about the possibilities it's opened up in my work..."  ​


LB - Warwick


“Thank you very much for visiting Lyng Hall School and delivering such an interesting and varied morning program. The combination of science, art and creative writing really enhanced the curriculum and left many of the pupils enthused.  A fantastic experience!” 


Dr Marco van den Top, Lyng Hall School, Coventry.



"My husband and daughter came to the event and both said your poetry session was their favourite activity (and neither of them are your regular poetry types). They took photos of their poems and made me choose the winner!"

Participants at my Blackout Poetry Workshop, Festival of Arts & Culture, University of Warwick.



“Working with Su on Planting Roots has been a beautiful process. Her energy and enthusiasm created an introspective atmosphere that was perfect for workshop participants to connect with nature and their creativity. Through mindful movement, drawing and written prompts, people were brought together. This was all down to Su’s thoughtful workshop activities, inclusive practise, and meticulous approach.”   


Kate Laister-Smith, Events Coordinator, Warwick Institute of Engagement, University of Warwick.

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