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Welcome! I am a writer and musician based in the Midlands, UK and editor of Crowstep Journal. My poems have been published internationally and I am the author of two books: The Glass Puddle (Vole, 2021) and Night Swan to Nigg (Cromarty Arts Trust, 2022). Originally trained in the visual arts, I hold a 1st class honours degree and MA in Fine Art. I continue to work in mixed-media which enables me to share my poems in new and unusual ways as well as through traditional publishing.


In 2021 I was a commissioned poet for UK City of Culture and shortlisted for Dartington Trust's first poet in residence award by Alice Oswald. I am currently poet in residence at the University of Warwick, School of Life Sciences, where I am helping to promote women in science and exploring how the arts can be used to make academic research more accessible. My forthcoming book, Reticulum: a constellation of women in science, is one of the outputs of my residency and is due to be published later this year.

I have also performed and written songs with the band Satsangi for 20 years. We have collaborated with and supported many artists and musicians, have been broadcast on radio (BBC) and TV (MTV), featured in magazines such as Rolling Stone and have travelled internationally to share our music. Our music videos are filmed and produced by Paul Windridge who has exhibited and screened worldwide. IMAGE (bottom right): on the BBC Big Screens in cities throughout the UK.


Alongside my creative life, I have been a longstanding advocate for holistic approaches to healthcare. With 20+ years experience of working in the health & fitness industry, and qualified in a range of disciplines, I now apply my knowledge and skills as a Swim Clinic Coach. Recently I became an ambassador for Bluetonic, a charity that promotes wellbeing in, on and around blue spaces. When not creating on dry land you will find me in water. Here is more about my life as an aquaholic!

COMING UP: Wild Swimming & Writing Retreat - combining my love of wild waters with wild words!


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