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NIGHT SWAN TO NIGG (Cromarty Arts Trust, 2022)

'Night Swan to Nigg' is a collection of 21 poems written during a one-month poetry residency at Cromarty Arts Trust on the Black Isle.

The book is available through my store or from Cromarty Arts Trust. It includes poems published in Makarelle, Lighthouse Journal and Dreich. Proceeds from the book will go towards funding more opportunities in the Cromarty community:

Sujatha Menon's poems have one foot in the Cromarty Firth and another in India...Her work is bright and engaging, and paints pictures of a majestic and atmospheric corner of Scotland with a wonderfully evocative set of poetic colours.


Andy Jackson- Poet & Editor of Poetry Scotland



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THE GLASS PUDDLE (Vole, 2021) is my debut collection that reflects my lived experience as a first generation British Asian woman growing up in the 70’s through to the present. It is an exploration of in-between places: India - Little India - Little Britain – Britain, and how I keep falling in between the gaps. The  poems move between small towns and villages in England and the vibrant landscapes of Kerala, India.

Sujatha Menon has invested the sum of her creative perception and writing over decades in this project, which has proved to be so compelling a read to me as a reviewer, and, I trust, for those who pick up the book on its imminent publication…These poems repay savouring and revisiting, so the writer's experience may touch ours and thereby enhance our own journey.


John Beynon - Poetry reviewer for The Cannon’s Mouth




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