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Martial Flow: a slow, graceful standing practice that blends movements from yoga, qigong and martial arts with themed poetry readings and relaxing music. I offer these sessions as standalone classes and workshops, 1:1's or as part of the preparation for longer creative writing workshops.

Intro: being a writer and sitting at a desk for long periods of time, I greatly benefit from taking 'movement snacks'. Taking time out to move mindfully throughout the day has helped me mentally, physically and creatively in many ways. With a background in health & fitness and holistic medicine I have developed a unique blend of exercises that can support both the busiest and most sedentary of lifestyles. I hold qualifications in teaching yoga, integrated qigong and self-defence.

Description: drawing from yoga, qigong and movements from martial arts, this is a slow, graceful yet powerful practice designed to strengthen body and mind. Sequences are simple and easy to learn and repeated continuously in a fluid moving meditation. This is a mainly standing practice which also includes breathing and mindfulness exercises. Sessions are punctuated with poetry readings and insights from ancient and modern texts that help to bring focus on the present moment. 

Current theme: Fluid Power - exploring the element of water and its qualities of softness and strength.

Aim: to share short, easy to learn practices that can be integrated into daily life. Especially beneficial when practiced first thing in the morning in order to prepare for the day ahead. Absolutely gorgeous when practiced at sunrise!

Benefits: with regular practice this integrative approach to self-care can help to: support heart and lung health, tone muscles, strengthen and lubricate the joints, improve bone density, reduce stress and inflammation, enhance immunity, help in the management of peri/menopause, regulate appetite, enhance mental health & wellbeing, improve sleep and much more.

The beauty of Martial Flow is that it requires no special equipment such as a yoga mat and can be done anywhere. Simply do a few minutes to take a break from sitting at your desk, or longer if and when you can fit it in. The important thing is to keep moving and flowing throughout the day.

Level: suitable for all ages and abilities.

What to wear: comfortable clothing that is easy to move around in. You can practice barefoot or wear soft, flat, flexible shoes with thin soles such as plimsoles, pumps or light canvas slip-ons with good traction. Martial arts shoes/trainers are also a good choice  There must be enough room for your toes and feet to spread.

Martial Flow workshop: £25 (2 hrs)

Martial Flow & Creative Writing workshop: £35 (3 hrs)

Martial Flow class: £8 (1 hr)

1:1's (in person or/and on Zoom): from £35 (1 hr)

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