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I have been awarded additional funding to co-run an arts based science project as part of my role as Poet in Residence at the University of Warwick. I'll be delivering 4 linked workshops, 2 in schools, one with the general public and one with scientists, that will promote awareness and understanding around sudden cardiac arrest and heart disease. It is an area of increasing concern in children and in my South Asian community. 


I'll be working with Professor Kevin Moffat from the School of Life Sciences, to facilitate feedback and conversation through the use of virtual educational technology, creative writing/poetry and art. We are hoping to create an engaging dialogue between the voices of young people, scientists and the non-scientific community to support further research:

“Thank you very much for visiting Lyng Hall School and delivering such an interesting and varied morning program. The combination of science, art and creative writing really enhanced the curriculum and left many of the pupils enthused.  A fantastic experience!” 


Dr Marco van den Top, Lyng Hall School.

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