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Professor Kevin Moffat and I have received a substantial pot of funding to create a permanent poetry trail that will showcase the work I have undertaken as poet in residence at the University of Warwick (School of Life Sciences). The project was focused on helping to promote women in science and developed out of conversations with 13 female scientists.

The trail will be one of 6 major projects undertaken in 2025 to celebrate the university's 60th Birthday celebrations. I also hope it will be part of a fitting legacy for Prof Moffat as he embarks on retirement later this year. He is a true visionary who not only understands the value of the arts in science but has made many incredible art-science collaborations happen over a long and distinguished career.

The trail will comprise of 14 engraved and glass printed poetry posts permanently displayed across green spaces on Gibbet Hill campus, including the ancient bluebell woods (Tocil Woods) if we get permission. 2 of the posts will be embedded on Wellesbourne campus which houses the UK's vegetable gene bank and where I interviewed 2 of the 13 scientists for our project. A final post will be displayed at Foleshill Community centre where I co-wrote a poem with participants at the Planting Roots workshop developed with Warwick Institute of Engagement.


We will also be producing a trail map for visitors and a yearlong programme of workshops and events to launch the trail. Last but not least, it will be a fitting time and place to promote my forthcoming book with Pindrop Press edited by multi-award winning poet and editor Sharon Black. This book will share the entire collection of 65+ poems that emanated from my role as poet in residence since October 2022.

To think my work could be around in this way long after I've left the planet is the stuff of wild dreams. I don't think I'll ever quite get my head around it. Meanwhile there's much work to be done over the next few years...onwards and upwards my friends!

PHOTOS: recce @the bluebell woods, University of Warwick.


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