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On Tue 9th May, I will be exhibiting 12 poems under 12 dissection microscopes at the University of Warwick. The poems were inspired by conversations I had with female researchers across the School of Life Sciences.

This installation is one of the first outputs from my funded poetry residency at the School of Life Sciences where I am helping to promote women in science. With a background in the visual arts, I am interested in presenting poems in new and unusual ways as well as through traditional publishing.

To this end, I have been working with photographer and microbiologist Ray Spence to produce poems that are so tiny they can only be read under significant magnification.


I will also be sharing a film that incorporates spoken word over moving image that I collaborated on with artist & film maker Paul Windridge, and a macropoem shared as large scale projections of 8 labels on old medicine bottles.

All welcome to attend the event called 'Science on the Hill' (as in Gibbet Hill campus) which is an outreach programne that aims to make science accessible to the general public.


The theme of the event is: an adventure through the magical world of microscopes AKA microscopy! and their will be some amazing speakers from Life Sciences as well as Warwick Medical School...and also wine! The event is free to attend (6.30 - 8.30pm) but you will need to register here:


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