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is a Dryland session where I will equip you with all the theory, knowledge and practical aspects of immersing in cold water and swimming in an open water environment. I then recommend a number of managed venues (lifeguarded with a booking system) where you can then experience an open water session independently or ideally take a swim buddy with you.


The Dryland/prep session takes place at my studio where I can go through all the kit/equipment options and lasts for about an hour - an hour and a half. The cost is £45. After your independent swim you can book in for ayurvedic diet and lifestyle consultations and other sessions to support your swimming lifestyle like yoga/qigong for swimming, swimming conditioning and stroke analysis. There is an option to purchase 6 sessions for £240 after the initial Dryland session should you want to, but no obligation.



begins with the Dryland session as outlined above. On a separate day, I would guide you into the water after preparation with a lakeside yoga/qigong session. You may want me to coach you (fins, floats and other equipment supplied) or do some stroke analysis, or you may just want me to support you to do your own thing while you explore the lake. Depending on how long you are in the water, any remaining time can be used for reflective practices. 


This more in-depth offering comprises of:


PREPARATION (yoga/qigong)


IMMERSION (guided discovery or coaching in the water) 


REFLECTION (practices such as creative writing, guided journalling and meditation). 


The cost is x3 sessions including the Dryland session so works out at £135 + £12 venue booking fees. I usually absorb the booking fees if we can go in one/your car. As I am very keen to encourage my clients to have a swim buddy, for an additional £20 you are welcome to invite a friend and split the total fee of £155 (so £77.50 each). This means they would share the Dryland session with you too and you would learn how to keep each other safe.



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