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I am working on a new poetry and stained glass project and would like to invite my community to share their memories and stories of the late Cubbington Pear Tree. It could be just a few words or something longer. I would especially be interested to know what has happened to the cuttings and saplings that grew from the tree after its destruction by HS2. I hope to use your responses as inspiration for a poem that will be incorporated into a large stained glass art work, and also included in an accompanying booklet.

The aim is to facilitate community story telling in order to memorialise this tragic event in the creative mediums with which I work. Phase 2 of the project will also be focused on raising money for The Woodland Trust. For friends and family not local to the area here is some information about the tree taken from Forestry Journal:

“The Cubbington Pear Tree was a wild pear tree located near Cubbington in Warwickshire, England. Around 250 years old, it was the second largest wild pear tree in the country and a noted local landmark. In 2015 the tree was voted England's Tree of the Year. A Parliamentary petition was launched in September 2020 to save the tree from being cut down for HS2 and a month later had over 20,000 signatures triggering an official government response. It was felled as part of the High Speed 2 railway development on 20 October 2020.

It has been reported that more than 40 new trees have been grown from cuttings taken from the tree, and the regrown saplings would be planted in the local area, while the stump and rooting structure would be relocated providing an opportunity for the parent tree to regrow”

If you have some words or a story to share we would love to hear from you. You can contact us HERE


PAINTING: A Partridge in a Blooming Pear Tree by Ecinja

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