The Glass Puddle is a collection of poems that reflect my lived experience as a first generation British Asian woman growing up in the 70’s through to the present. It is an exploration of in-between spaces: India - Little India - Little Britain – Britain, and how I keep falling in between the gaps! The collection  comprises of 106 poems in free verse and moves between small towns in England and the vibrant landscapes of Kerala, India.

I won my first poetry competition aged 8 with a poem about my father, superhero and village doctor who used to visit his patients flying through the air in his 70’s flares. However, to my parents disappointment I didn’t fancy studying medicine so ran off to art school and joined a rock n’ roll band instead. This is also a recurring theme.

The book is divided into 6 puddles:


I    I can splash through saris but not in skirts

II   I watered the lotus back to the mud

III  The ripples messed with my bindi

IV  I can reflect in Boli

V   My evaporation left a turmeric stain

VI  Now I rain like a monsoon in Mayfair

BOOK LAUNCH, PERFORMANCE & PARTY for The Glass Puddle - 7th November 2021 with publishers Dempsey & Windle

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