I am a fire-worker

I swallow flames

I trap light in my gut

In my heart

In my veins

I transform light into


I black-luminesce

I am a fire-worker

I swallow flames

I have been songwriting and performing with the band Satsangi for 20 years. Our last album titled You Saw Something was produced on vinyl in 2018. We have collaborated with and supported many artists and musicians, have been broadcast on radio (BBC) and TV (MTV) featured in magazines such as Rolling Stone and have travelled internationally to share our music. Our music videos are filmed and produced by Paul Windridge who has exhibited and screened worldwide. 


I hold a 1st class honours degree and MA in the visual arts. My work explored ideas around identity and Britishness via a variety of mediums. Over the last 5 years I have continued to express these themes through the spoken word and am due to publish my first collection of poems titled The Glass Puddle in November. Poetry has also become an important part of the yoga and martial movement classes that I teach and the monthly Yoga & Poetry retreats that I run.

BAND WEBSITE: www.satsangiband.com

YOGA WEBSITE: www.fiveseasonsyoga.com